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Est. 2007

Spavinaw, Oklahoma

Great Roads lead to Great Rides!

Copperhead Road

There is 69 ways to a good time and that means 69 winding curves through the Spavinaw Hills. It is a beautiful drive. 

Ketchum Cut-Off

This is a Island hopper trip filled with a ll kinds of neat stops at different bars & grills. This can take you all the way to Monkey Island and around the Grand Lake.

Topsy Turnpike

This route will take you across the well known Pensacola Dam on into Disney, OK. Where the Jeepers and Creepers like to play. The winding loop takes you through Topsy, Tiawana, and makes a big loop back around to the Rally.

Wildlife Management

A trip filled with many scenic views and lots of winding curves. The Eucha Dam is a well known place for its simple beauty and of course fishing. This will take you up through the Kenwood Hills and makes a huge loop back to the Rally.